Bosch Automotive Service Solutions Inc Purchasing Expectations

Service Solutions Purchasing Expectations of the Supply Base

Upon receipt of the Purchase Order (P.O.) Service Solutions’ expectations are as follows:

Acknowledgement Process:

  • Review the P.O. for price, delivery and quantity
  • Respond back to the Service Solutions buyer within 48 hours acknowledging receipt of P.O. and any changes.
  • If any changes are required, do not ship until the Service Solutions Buyer returns the P.O. reflecting the changes agreed upon between the Service Solutions Buyer and your company.

Open Order Management Process:

  • You will be expected to schedule your production to meet the confirmed deliveries unless otherwise communicated.  NOTE:  The delivery date on the P.O.  is the date expected for the product to be on the dock at the designated shipping location.
  • If a reschedule is required, by either party, proactive communication is critical to mutually agree upon a new delivery date or quantity.
  • Partial shipments are acceptable upon agreement with Service Solutions buyer.
  • Shipments must follow the Service Solutions guidelines for :
    • Service Solutions selected freight carriers
    • Proper packaging requirements
    • Proper shipping documents


Invoice Accuracy Process:

We expect the invoice generated by our suppliers to be consistent with purchase order for following parameters

  • Bosch part number (as it appears on the purchase order)
  • supplier information (as set up in our payable system)
  • shipping quantity
  • Unit of measure (UOM)
  • Price (per UOM)
  • Extended price
  • Agreed payment terms

Reference Communication sent June 23, 2016

Payment Process:

  • Upon shipment of the product, the supplier must submit an invoice to Service Solutions Accounts Payable to match the shipment.
  • The invoice needs to reference the Service Solutions P.O. # and Service Solutions item #(s).  NOTE:  If more than one P.O. is contained  in a shipment, you will need to create multiple invoices reflecting one P.O. # per invoice.
  • Payment will be issued per terms and payment method.

NOTE:  Preferred payment method is:  domestically – ACH & internationally – Wire.