E2Open Order Management

E2Open Collaborative Order Management

Bosch is pleased to announce that we have implemented a Collaborative Web –based Order Management tool called E2Open.  Our business directive requires our supply base to participate in this new order management process.

Supplier Impacts and Responsibilities

The new solution changes how Bosch provides Discrete Orders to your organization and how Bosch receives your Order Responses, Advance Ship Notices, and Invoices.

Key Advantages in using this tool:

  • Streamlines the procure to pay process with an exception management approach
  • Synchronizes and automates the order management process with timely end to end visibility
  • Reduces errors, lowers inventory levels and improves delivery performance

Please contact your Bosch Buyer for more information to include you in the next scheduled supplier training and implementation.

Please see below document (click link below) for more information on becoming set-up for E2Open.

Bosch Introduction to E2Open letter


Cynthia Broich
Purchasing Manager

Bosch Automotive Service Solutions Inc