Bosch Corporation (Bosch) is committed to operating our businesses throughout the world in a manner that meets or exceeds applicable environmental laws and is protective of the environment and public health. We will strive to continuously improve the management of our environmental responsibilities and develop sustainable solutions to our environmental challenges.

The Director — Environmental of Bosch is responsible for implementing these policies and practices. Day-to-day responsibility for adherence rests with each Business Unit President. All employees will be made aware of these policies and practices and will be responsible for applying them to their jobs.

Bosch is committed to:

Our businesses

By endeavoring to decrease the use of virgin materials, consume less energy, reduce waste,minimize packaging materials and produce energy-efficient, durable, and recyclable products.

Our employees

By communicating and providing the appropriate training and resources to address environmentalBy providing products that, when properly used, are environmentally safe and comply with applicable standards.

Our customers

By providing products that, when properly used, are enviromentally safe and comply with applicable standards.

By striving to continually improve the environmental performance of our products.

Our shareholders

By conducting assessments to evaluate the compliance and liability issues associated with current and past business transactions and operations and providing resources needed to address them.

By communicating material information on the environment at regular intervals:

Our suppliers and contractor

By working with our suppliers and contractors to enhance environmental performance.

Our communities

By communicating openly regarding environmental issues with the communities in which our facilities are located and addressing such issues as appropriate.

Regulatory authorities

By cooperating with all environmental regulatory authorities in reaching our mutual goal of protecting public heath and the environment.

Christopher J. Kearney
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer
Bosch Corporation
July 1, 2009