Supplier Corrective Action Reports (SCARS)

Supplier Corrective Action Reports (SCARS)

Bosch takes supplier performance very seriously, as it has a direct impact on CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

When you, as an Bosch supplier, have product nonconformances, delivery issues, system failures, etc., Bosch may issue you a Supplier Corrective Action Report (SCAR).

What is a SCAR?  A SCAR is a report issued to the supplier based upon one or more nonconformances which requires root cause analysis of the problem; and corrective and preventive action on the supplier’s part to eliminate future nonconformances.

When a SCAR is issued to a supplier, it has high visibility within the Bosch organization.  This visibility is not the type of visibility you want your company to have.  

If you are issued a SCAR, your Supplier Report Card score is affected in the following manner(s):

SCAR being issued                                          = 1 point deduction

Failure to respond to SCAR by due date         = 1 point deduction

Rejection of SCAR response                            = 1 point deduction               

Your Supplier Report Card score has a direct impact on future business with Bosch. 

Bosch recommends that if you do not currently have a formal problem solving process, you acquire the skills to perform a root cause (RC) analysis and develop a long-term, sustainable corrective action (CA).  This is an important attribute for a  Bosch supplier.

Click here for an 8D form to assist with root cause analysis and corrective actions.