Supplier Report Card

Supplier Report Card

Service Solutions  measures suppliers on the following criteria effective with the May 2012 financial month:

      Part Acceptance                               35%

      On Time Delivery                              35%

  • 5 days early, 0 days late

      Cost Competitiveness                       25%

      Supplier Relations                               5%

A supplier’s rating will be reduced by the following:

      The issuance of a Supplier Corrective Action Report (SCAR)       1 Point

  • Additional 1 point SCAR deductions for:
    • Late SCAR Response
    • Incomplete Root Cause Analysis and Corrective Action

      Supplier-requested Waivers

      Supplier-caused Replanned Orders

Major change in calculating On Time Delivery

As we strive to improve On Time Delivery to our customers, Service Solutions will now be calculating On Time Delivery based upon the first acknowledged date provided by the supplier to the buyer for a specific Purchase Order Line.   Below is the new calculation method:

  • On Time Delivery =
    • Individual Purchase Order (P.O.) line first confirmation date
    • Upon receipt of P.O. line, that receipt is compared against the first acknowledgement date, within a window of 5 days early and 0 days late
    • If a P.O. line is not shipped complete, subsequent receipts will reduce the On Time Delivery percentage accordingly if not received within the calculated period above
      • It is extremely important that the supplier provide an accurate acknowledgement date the first time to the Service Solutions buyer

It is, also,  important that suppliers work with Service Solutions buyers to maintain the integrity of part lead times.


We are pleased to announce that Service Solutions Supplier Report Cards (SRC) and Discrepancy Reports (DR) are now available online on this website.   Visit the section entitled “SUPPLIER PERFORMANCE” to view your company-specific information.      

Supplier Report Cards (SRC) will be available the first business day following the 15th of each month. The SRC will reflect the supplier’s previous financial month period performance.

Detailed information regarding individual receipts is available by contacting your Buyer, Commodity Manager, Supplier Quality Manager or Supplier Quality Engineer.

Discrepancy Reports (DR) will be updated weekly and will remain online for 12 months.  If nonconforming material is submitted to Service Solutions and a discrepancy is issued to you, a root cause analysis and corrective action report is to be submitted to either the Supplier Quality Engineer or the Supplier Quality Manager within 48 business hoursPlease reference the DR number in the subject line.

Customer satisfaction is key to the success of our organizations. There is a heightened emphasis on 100% quality from our suppliers.

Note:  If a supplier does not meet Service Solutions’ expectations on an ongoing basis, the ability to receive quotes for new product will be restricted.

We feel that this online performance tool will assist you in achieving optimal performance.    If the Service Solutions Team can be of any assistance regarding this new area, please feel free to contact any of the members of the Supply Chain Team.