Supplier Set-Up Forms and Information

The following forms and information is provided to potential and existing suppliers to aid them in their qualification or re-qualification process with Bosch-Automotive Service Solutions.

Forms completed by suppliers should be electronically completed and submitted to the appropriate Supply Chain Manager and the person requesting the documents.

Links to documents below:

_AA-AS EXTERNAL INVENTORY Supplier Set-Up Document Reference

01_Bosch Automotive Service Solutions Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement 12-6-17 

02_Denied Party Screening Form

03_Supplier Profile

04_Corporate Agreement (Purchasing) AA-AS Rev.1-12-2015

05_Standard Terms and Conditions of Purchase –  Service Solutions U S   06-20-2017

06-  QAA Risk Class 1 or 2 or 3 – Contact your Supply Chain Manager to confirm required Risk Class

06-1 Risk Class 1.QAA_NAFTA_Class_1-Q-Relevant Indirect or Direct

06-2 Risk Class 2.QAA NAFTA_CLASS 2

06-3 Risk Class 3.QAA NAFTA_CLASS 3

06a_ISO Certification – Submit ISO Certification to Bosch Purchasing

07-Supplier w-9 USA or Supplier w-8 non-USA – Submit to Bosch Purchasing

08_ACH or Wire Set-Up Form

09_Insurance Vendor Requirements (PDF)

10_Bosch Service Solutions Tooling Bailment Agreement


12_Baan System Supplier Set Up