Bosch provides innovative solutions that create value for our customers and meet the growing worldwide demand for global infrastructure, process equipment and diagnostic tools.


We see a future where our ideas help improve the world around us — a future where our ingenuity is known for solving problems in the industries we serve. Together, we meet the needs of a growing global community in a responsible manner.


We embrace a culture at Bosch where diverse ideas produce the best solutions. We are responsive to the needs of our customers, employees, partners and shareholders. We value continuous improvement and developing employees to enable growth and change. We recognize our community and environmental responsibilities.


Lead with the highest standards of ethics and integrity

  • Always do the right thing and keep commitments
  • Engage others to build trust and encourage strong communication
  • Listen and share as a team
  • Question any perceived wrongdoing

Innovate with customers

  • Anticipate customer needs and work to exceed their expectations
  • Be enthusiastic and inquisitive: Ask “Why?” Ask “Why not?”
  • Offer creative ideas and impactful solutions to our customers

Impact results through personal accountability to the team

  • Make a positive difference at Bosch
  • Step up, meet challenges and adapt
  • Deliver results

Value and engage employees

  • Embrace the advantage of diversity
  • Challenge each other
  • Create Bosch-wide standards as a team

Learn, improve and celebrate

  • Encourage improvement by recognizing achievement
  • Develop your potential and the talent of others
  • Balance your life, family and work

Frequently Asked Questions: Bosch Values

Why is Bosch adopting these values?

The new statement of our Bosch values will help us create a world-class culture that drives our performance and growth. The statement clearly articulates the importance of Bosch culture and values within the context of our business strategy and vision. We expect the Bosch values to play a key role in building the Bosch brand from the inside out.

Why are the leadership standards being replaced?

The original leadership standards were developed in 1996 and no longer fully capture our culture and values as a company. Elements of the leadership standards are included in the Bosch values, including an ongoing commitment to ethics, integrity, innovation, diversity and communication. The Bosch values incorporate these ideas and also introduce new concepts that best characterize us today and reflect what we aspire to become. We’d like employees to replace postings of the leadership standards with our new statement of Bosch values.

How were the Bosch values selected?

Business leaders and employees from across the company participated in developing and refining the statement of Bosch values. The chief executive council conducted the final review and fully endorses them.

How will the Bosch values be used?

We have announced the new statement of Bosch values through this special edition of Face2Face and encourage all employees to review them. It’s important that managers make the Bosch values a regular part of their discussions with employees in group and individual meetings. The Bosch values are also being used to shape new performance competencies for the company.

Can the Bosch values be shared outside the company?

Yes. They can be communicated with external audiences and they will be posted on our website. Our most powerful communications will be how we live the Bosch values. Please continue to be ambassadors for the Bosch brand. To realize the tremendous promise we have as a company, we need everyone’s support to make our brand and values part of the way we think and act.