Root Cause Codes

Bosch Discrepancy Reports have Root Cause Codes

These root because codes are assigned based upon the findings of Bosch for the specific non-conformance.  Depending on the code assigned, some may affect a supplier’s performance rating, while other will not.

The Root Cause Chart shows you, as a supplier, what Bosch believes the root cause of the non-conformance is.  Please check this area of the Discrepancy Reports on the website carefully, and if there is additional information Bosch should know about that would affect the Root Cause assigned, please contact:

Steve Brunson, Supplier Quality Engineer, steve.brunson@us.bosch.com  Electronics VST

Akeem Adejumo, Supplier Quality Engineer, akeem.adejumo@us.bosch.com  Tools and Equipment VST’s

Johnny Liu, Supplier Quality Engineer, johnny.liu@us.bosch.com  Tools and Equipment/Programs VST’s

Akeem Adejumo, Supplier Quality Engineer, akeem.adejumo@us.bosch.com  or Steve Brunson, Supplier Quality Engineer, steve.brunson@us.bosch.com Air Conditioning and Fluids

NOTE:  Product with a disposition “Use as Is (UAI)” and was originally the supplier’s fault will still be coded with a Root Cause Code that affects the supplier’s performance rating.

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Root Cause Codes March 15, 2018