Supplier Chargebacks

What is a supplier charge-back?

A supplier charge-back is an amount charged the supplier for supplier-caused nonconforming material, products, or a service which includes, but is not limited to actual/estimated rework costs and minimum rework charges. There may be instances when additional charges may be charged to the supplier for business interruptions.

As a supplier of Bosch Automotive Service Solutions, you are responsible for ensuring that product is shipped to Bosch that meets product specifications; and that the product arrives in good condition.

If product is found to be nonconforming or arrives in an unsuitable condition, Bosch will typically ship the product back to you for rework or replacement.

There may be times when Bosch’s customer requirements do not allow for enough time to ship the product back to you.   In those cases, the appropriate Bosch buyer will send you the estimated Bosch rework costs. You have 24 hours to respond.   If no response is received from you within the allotted time period, the estimate is considered accepted, and rework will proceed at your expense.

The minimum rework charge is $250.00 US.