Production Process and Product Approval (PPA)

(Formerly known as First Article (FA) Sample Submission)

What is a PPA Submission?

A PPA validates that identified purchased parts or services meet Bosch or supplier design-controlled specifications by:

    • Validation documentation of supplier’s capability to produce the specific product within a production environment.
    • Validation of the production/capital tooling, manufacturing and inspection processes, material sources.
    • Submittal of the supplier’s production documentation, including but not limited to Process Flow Diagrams, PFEMA’s, Process Control Plans, and supporting other Evidence of Conformance, etc.
    • Functional and Performance Testing of product
    • Supplier Signed PPA attesting to conformance to product and process conformance.

Is a Sample the same as a PPA Submission?

Simply stated, “No.”

    • A Sample is a request from Bosch Design Engineering or Product Management. The purpose of the sample is to determine whether the product meets Bosch’s needs, functions as intended, etc. Most times a sample is requested for an unreleased part for evaluation for fitness to meet future product offering.
    • A PPA is a request via a discrete Bosch Purchase Order from Bosch Purchasing.  A PPA is requested on a product with production intent approved drawings and must be produced using the intended production tooling, machines, processes, personnel, & materials.

When is a PPA Submission Required?

A PPA is required before production start as new part introduction, after Bosch existing product design change, relocation of production/capital tooling, part has been out of production greater than 12 months, part is resourced to an alternate supplier, upon request from specific departments within Bosch such as Sales, Purchasing, Quality, Design Engineering, or requested by Bosch customer. Additionally, PPA submittal may be required after tool refurbishment dependent on extent of refurbishment.

What will be the indication to the supplier that a PPA is needed?

The PPA requirements will be communicated to the supplier during the RFQ process for both a New Part Release and an Engineering Change (ECR) so supplier can apprise extent and resources needed and considered during the quotation process. Additionally, actual PPA deliverables will be indicated on a Purchase Order and denoted as a Certification 1–A line item. The PPA submission level stated will specify the required supporting certification documentary evidence to be supplied with the PPA part samples. Default supporting documents by submission level(s) can be attained at

Any changes to PPA requirements post awarding of contract will be subsequently communicated.

Send PPA sample parts to:

Bosch Automotive Service Solutions Inc.
Metrology & Calibration Lab
655 Eisenhower Drive
Owatonna, MN 55060

Mark on Packing Slip and shipping container:
ATTENTION: PPA SAMPLES – Metrology &  Calibration Lab

Attach PPA Sample Part label to exterior of shipping container.

A label is provided on this website for your use.

See Bosch OTC Portal for requirements:

Do Not Submit First Articles without emailing completed PPA and supporting submission documents in advance.

How many pieces are to be submitted with the PPA paperwork?

By default, the PPA sample submission consists of three pieces, unless specified otherwise in PO.

    • Exception: when a Level 1 PPA submission is requested, samples may not need to be sent to Bosch. Verify the requirements on the PPA form.  In that case just email the specified PPA level 1 supporting documents to: .

What is the notification process if PPA is Accepted or Rejected?

In either case, the supplier will be notified in writing by Bosch Purchasing Dept.

If PPA and supporting documents are accepted, supplier will receive the Approved PPA cover sheet as notification that the part and supporting documents are accepted and the supplier is approved for production.

If the supplier receives a notification that the PPA is rejected additional information will be provided as to the reason for rejection and or submission deficiencies. Additional instructions from Bosch Purchasing Quality will be forthcoming on how to proceed.

Remember that the supplier is responsible for inspecting the product to all Bosch requirements. If the supplier is not able to perform the proper inspection of the product, the supplier will need to notify Bosch Purchasing Quality in advance, and outsource the inspection process with a third party.

Do not ship PPA that are not to specification. Concessions are not granted on PPA.