N2580-1 Compliance

Bosch-Norm N 2580-1 regulates prohibited substances and those rated declarable in materials, and it is part of the requirements (specifications) for materials. It helps implementing statutory requirements and requirements on the part of Bosch-customers.  The attachment link defines the requirements and expectations, with reference to the Supplier Declaration file.

Please be notified that Robert Bosch GmbH has released a new version of the Bosch norm N2580 “Prohibition and Declaration of Substances” .  Both norm text and the template supplier declaration have been updated.  You can access the file on the Bosch global internet page link below as follows:

N2580 Details

Once there, follow the steps below to view the files.

Go to → Prohibition and declaration of substances
Open the ZIP file “Bosch Standard N2580”

You will find the three documents in the ZIP file:

  • N2580-1 Supplier Declaration
  • N2580-1 2017-10-11 Text (English)
  • N2580-1 2017-10-11 Text (German)

For further information, please contact your Bosch purchasing representative within AA-AS.

Helpful presentation to completing the N2580-1 Form.