Requests for Quotes

Bosch expects our suppliers to thoroughly review all product specifications during the Request for Quote (RFQ) process.  It is imperative that you understand and build business processes into your organization that ensure “Quality at the Source.”   As we develop our partnership, we need to strive for customer satisfaction.

If, as a supplier, you are unable to meet the product specifications (which includes, but not limited to, such things as tolerances, material, proper measurement and testing of product, etc.),  please “No Quote” the RFQ request as published.  We value our suppliers’ input and would welcome you to ask for clarification of the specification(s) or provide another alternative as a cost savings/ performance measure.

When you receive a RFQ Form, you are required to complete the pink cells on the RFQ Form.  We can no longer accept incomplete RFQ Forms.

If you feel you did not receive information you should have or have questions regarding the RFQ package, please contact your Requester, Commodity Manager or Supplier Quality Engineer.