Supplier Performance

We are pleased to provide online access to your Supplier Report Card and potential Discrepancy Reports.

To access this secured area, please enter the following as shown on your purchase orders from Bosch:

  • Your supplier number/code

  • The first two characters of your supplier name (includes spaces)

Supplier Report Card (SRC) will be updated every Monday.

Detailed information regarding individual receipts are available by contacting your Buyer, Supply Chain Manager, Supplier Quality Engineer, or Sourcing Specialist.

Discrepancy Reports (DR) will be updated weekly and will be online for 12 months. If nonconforming material is submitted to Bosch and a discrepancy is issued to you, a root cause analysis and corrective action report is to be submitted to the appropriate Supplier Quality Engineer.   Please reference the DR number in the subject line of the  e-mail.

Root Cause Codes (RC) – These root because codes are assigned based upon the findings of Bosch for the specific nonconformance.  Depending on the code assigned, some may affect a supplier’s performance rating, while other will not.

 The Root Cause Chart shows you, as a supplier, what Bosch believes the root cause of the nonconformance is.  Please check this area of the Discrepancy Reports on the website carefully, and if there is additional information Bosch should know about that would affect the Root Cause assigned, please contact the appropriate individual listed below:

  • Steve Brunson, Supplier Quality Engineer, Steve.Brunson@us.bosch.com  Electronics  & Air Conditioning and Fluids VST’s
  • Akeem Adejumo, Supplier Quality Engineer, akeem.adejumo@us.bosch.com  Tools and Equipment VST’s
  • Johnny Liu, Supplier Quality Engineer, johnny.liu@us.bosch.com  Tools and Equipment/Programs VST’s

    Product that is dispositional Use as Is (UAI) and was originally the supplier’s fault will still be coded with a Root Cause Code that affects the supplier’s performance rating.

Click link below to view Root Cause Codes:

Root Cause Codes March 15, 2018

Customer satisfaction is key to the success of our organizations. There is a heightened emphasis on 100% quality from our suppliers.

If a supplier does not meet Bosch’s expectations on an ongoing basis, the ability to receive quotes for new product may be restricted.

Supplier Acknowledgements of Important Bosch Communications

This area contains important announcements from Bosch for our Inventory Suppliers.  If you are an inventory supplier, please access this area and select the communication listed, read the information, distribute it to the appropriate individuals/areas internally, and click the acknowledge and submit buttons on the website.   Once you have acknowledged a communication, it will place a date beside the communication listed.

If you are a non-inventory supplier and you receive an e-mail notification, you will not be required to acknowledge the receipt of said communication in this area.   Please read the information communicated and distribute it to the appropriate individuals/areas internally to ensure compliance.NOTE: If the background colors on the Supplier Report Card are not printing as displayed, your default the background graphics printing settings need to be set to ON (this can be found in your browser/print settings).

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