What Happens If…

A Supplier:

  • Uses a Non-Bosch Core Carrier
  • Invoices Pre-Pay and Add

**Note: This is unacceptable as Bosch is typically freight collect, using our core carriers.

The following will be applicable for the non-compliance:

  • Supplier will be responsible for the difference between the Core Carrier Cost and the “wrong” carrier cost.
  • Bosch will refer the Supplier to the Transportation and Logistics Section of this website to review:
  • The Inbound Freight Map
  • The Inbound Routing Guide
  • If the Supplier has another non-compliant shipment, Bosch will require the Supplier to sign a copy of the Inbound Routing Guide.

First offense:

  • Bosch will contact Bosch Distribution Manager to get approval of the freight line

Second offense:

  • Bosch will require a new invoice from Supplier removing the shipping charges.

Note: There may also be an administrative handling charge of $150 for each non-compliance.